Secure & Convenient Script Fulfilment for Telehealth and Script Renewals

Script Concierge is a simple solution for script processing and fulfilment.

  • No more searching for pharmacy fax numbers.
  • No more faxing and then mailing to pharmacy.
  • Our network of over 100 pharmacy partners will dispense and deliver.
  • Compete with emerging digital platforms who are luring your patients away with instant online scripts and instant consultations.

Upload the prescription to Script Concierge and we’ll arrange for fast delivery of the medication from a growing network of over 100 local community pharmacies across Australia.

Script Concierge enables you to offer convenient modern digital experiences to your customers at no cost to your practice.



Data is encrypted. No personal data is shared with any third parties outside of the prescriber and dispensing pharmacy.

Easy to Use

Simple for prescribers.  Fully integrated with a growing network of over 100 pharmacies Australia wide.

Free for Prescribers

Provide a convenient modern script fulfillment solution to compete with new tech platforms at no cost to your practice.

Why are we doing this ?

We believe that looking after your patients health should be easier for them than ordering a pizza. Looking after one’s health should be simple and convenient.

GPs are being displaced by technology ! 

New tech platforms are drawing customers away from traditional primary care by providing instant online script renewals and instant consultations. 

These platforms provide convenience to consumers, but remove the important aspect of continuity of care and commoditise healthcare in a way that is not always beneficial to individuals in the longer term.

We believe consumers should have the best of both worlds.

  • Access to their regular GP for continuity of care
  • Easy access to tele-health scripts and script renewals
  • Modern digital tools which make looking after their health easier and more convenient.
  • Home delivery of medicines and over the counter remedies. 

We believe we can help you offer your patients convenient digital solutions at no costs to your practice.

Challenge Solved in 3 Easy Steps


Upload a photo of the prescription and enter the patients mobile number.


The patient receives a link via SMS to complete the order.


The script is dispensed via a growing network of over 100 local community pharmacies and delivered directly to the patient.