Why Script Concierge ?

  • Ideal solution for telehealth and script renewals
  • Same day delivery of medications
  • No cost to your practice

Script Concierge allows traditional practices to compete with various new online platforms who are luring away customers with the offer of instant online script renewals and instant consultations.

What challenges does Script Concierge solve?

A script fulfilment solution for Telehealth consultations, script renewals and situations where the patient is remote and requires a prescription

  • No more searching for pharmacy fax numbers.
  • No more faxing and then mailing to pharmacy.
  • Our network of over 100 pharmacy partners will dispense and deliver.

There is no other convenient service like Script Concierge which provides a seamless solution for script fulfilment that involves the Prescriber, the Pharmacy and the Patient.

E-prescribing is on the way but setup is complex and there’s currently no way of ensuring that all pharmacies can dispense e-scripts. In the meantime Script Concierge solves this challenge.

Getting the script to the customer currently requires searching for contact details of a nearby pharmacy, then email or faxing of the script to the pharmacy. Often customers do not know the correct contact details of their local pharmacy, resulting in the need to follow up and resend scripts to other destinations.

These are all time consuming manual tasks and often come at a hard cost to the practice.